The National School of Formation and Improvement of Labour Magistrates - ENAMAT was created by Constitutional Amendment no. 45/2004, 111-A, article, paragraph 2, I (Judiciary Reform), and established in a Superior Labour Court as an autonomous body, on June 01, 2006, under Administrative Resolution no. 1140 of Plenary Court, updated and consolidated by Administrative Resolution no. 1362/2009.

Enamat is supported by an Advisory Board composed of Superior Labour Court Ministers, Regional Labour Courts Judges and a District Labour Court Judge. It is located at the Superior Labour Court building, 5th floor, Block A, in Brasilia - Federal District.

Aims and objectives

The main aims of Enamat are to promote the selection, formation and improvement of labour judges in the realm of specific professional training, due to the importance of the public role they perform.

The institutional objectives of the School are as follows:

I – To develop studies aiming the implementation of official courses for admission in the career on a national realm;

Il – To foster and regulate Initial Formation Courses, Continuing Formation Courses and Formation of Educators Courses, besides other teaching activities, exchange and studies, directly or through agreements, seeking to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to the magistracy profession;

lll – To foment researches and publications on Labour Law, Labour Procedure, Professional Formation and other areas related to the required competences needed to the career, in order to improve the jurisdictional public service;

lV – To define professional teaching policy for judges, regarding the face-to-face and distance modalities, and regulate the administrative, technological and pedagogical aspects of its execution in the Regional Judicial Schools;

V – To coordinate the Integrated System of Formation of Labour Judges (SIFMT), that gathers all Judicial Schools of Regional Labour Courts, in order to assure the systematicity and organicity of professional qualification of judges.

Ongoing actions

According to its objectives, the Enamat promotes, since its beginning in 2006, the following formative actions:

•  Initial Training Courses, face-to-face modality in the national level, addressed to recently appointed judges and held in its headquarters in Brasilia, aiming to integrate the knowledge acquired during academic formation in the juridical field with the required professional competences to the magistracy profession;

•  Continuing Formation Courses, face-to-face or distance modalities, addressed to labour judges for life, aiming to provide them with acquisition of new professional competences and the improvement of those already acquired during Initial Formation Course, besides personal and professional exchange;

•  Formation of Educators Courses, addressed to judges of Regional Judicial Schools, with the purpose to train instructors and other teaching professionals on specific contents to the conduction of the process of formation of judges in the Regional Judicial Schools.

The School also develops, according to its objectives, other events of studies and researches, directly of by means of partnerships with national and international institutions, in such a way that the participation of judges in these activities enhances the jurisdictional public service. The School has signed cooperation agreements with many institutions and organisms, like the British Council, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the French National School for the Judiciary (ENM) and the Judiciary Spanish School, among others.

Enamat carries out, through the Integrated System of Formation of Labour Judges (SIFMT), the national coordination of qualifying activities of judges performed in regional level, by means of periodical meetings with directors of Judicial Schools of Regional Labour Courts and continuing follow up.