Teaching Techiniques

Face-to-face Teaching

ENAMAT applies the most modern face-to-face teaching techniques for professional formation. Besides expositive classes, seminars, roundtables and conferences with the foremost national and international authorities on related issues to the exercise of the judicial profession, the School also offers online tools to provide students with support and complement formal classes.

In addition to that, the School owns a number of multifunction rooms and an auditorium on the fifth floor of Building A, at Superior Labour Court. Those facilities, where the courses, colloquies and seminar are held, are fully equipped with audiovisual and wireless resources.


E-learning (Distance Education)

In order to reach thousands of labour magistrates all over Brazil and aiming to facilitate the dissemination and exchange of information, ENAMAT is developing its Formation Website, including the following resources:

- Learning Management System - LMS (Moodle and Connect): system that makes possible the creation of chat rooms, presentation screen, share of files like .doc, pdf and others, audio and video conference or audio only. The tools can be used simultaneously by tenths of users in virtual classrooms, in a synchronic (real time) or asynchronous ( previously recorded) way;

- Videoconferencing via satellite: technology used to the transmission of courses and administrative meetings between ENAMAT and Judicial Schools of Regional Labour Courts;

Body of Teachers

Classes may be given either by the Superior Labour Court Ministers, the Regional Labour Court Judges, the District Labour Court Judges or Magistrates of other courts, Public Prosecutors, Lawyers, or any other qualified teachers able to develop specialized disciplines of various fields of knowledge, such as psychologists, sociologists and economists, for example. ENAMAT also counts on the collaboration of teachers and researchers of national and international colleges, through many agreements of technical and institutional cooperation, like those kept with The International Organization for Judicial Training – IOJT and The French National School for the Judiciary – ENM.

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