Denimar Ferreira de Menezes Noronha


Denimar Ferreira de Menezes Noronha was born in Piraí, Rio de Janeiro on September 22, 1956. She holds a degree in Pedagogy from INCOR of Três Corações-MG (1980), with a qualification in Psychology of Education for High School and a Graduate Specialization, School Supervision for Primary and High School. She also got a Graduate Specialization, Educational Orientation to Primary and High School (1982) from José Antônio Vieira Philosophy, Science and Letters Faculty, and Graduate Specialization, School Inspector from Guaxupé Phylosophy, Science and Letters Faculty – Minas Gerais (1985).

Denimar is a retired teacher from Minas Gerais state. There, she also has worked as pedagogical supervisor on the area of Special Education in the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (APAE) in Santa Rita do Sapucaí-MG, from 1980-1981; she worked as assistant of Minas Gerais state representative in Brasilia, 1994-1998; assistant to cabinet chief of Communication Minister in Brasilia, from 2000 to 2002; cabinet chief of Federal Court Judge Maria do Carmo Cardoso, in the 1 st Federal Regional Court, from 2003 to 2006.

She has been working as Administrative-Academic Subsecretary at ENAMAT since March 17, 2006 umtil December 2017 and has since been the Administrative Coordinator of School.